Nokor Bachey Pagoda, Kampong Cham

Nokor Bachey Pagoda is the largest and most impressive of three Angkor era temples constructed near Kampong Cham in Cambodia. A $2 USD entrance fee in charged for Nokor Bachey Pagoda, which also allows entry to the area’s other two major temples: Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei.

About Nokor Bachey Pagoda

Nokor Bachey Pagoda is an intriguing temple with a more modern modern temple built within a more older temple dating back to the 11th or 12th Century depending upon which account of the origins of the temple you believe. The greater likelihood is that the temple was founded during the reign of King Jayavarman VII, which was from 1181 to 1218.

King Jayavarman VII is often considered the greatest of the Angkor kings both in terms of state building and temple building, with the commissioning of other famous temples such as Neak Pean and Ta Phrom.

The other account of the origin of the temple, which is a popular local legend, is that it was constructed by a local king to atone for unknowingly killing his father and then marrying his mother. According to the legend as a baby the future king was sent away from the royal court, returning years later to claim a kingdom for which he was not aware that he was already entitled to by birth right.

Nokor Bachey Pagoda near Kampong Cham
Nokor Bachey Pagoda near Kampong Cham

The original temple at Nokor Bachey Pagoda consists of a large central tower with four square enclosures. The original temple is constructed from black sandstone and features many decorative carvings and statues. Since the time of construction modern temple buildings have been constructed within the walls of the old temple. The main building of the modern part of the temple is very beautiful with a high ceiling and substantial colourfully decorated supporting columns.

Compared to the temples at Angkor Archaeological Park, Nokor Bachey Temple hasn’t been left in its original state and in this sense is not a museum type site. However, there is something special about that the fact this temple is still in use as a Buddhist monastery creating a seamless connection to Cambodia’s early history that will fascinate the more observant visitor.

Location of Nokor Bachey Pagoda

Nokor Bachey Pagoda is located 3.2 km by road from Krong Kampong Cham.

Google Map of Nokor Bachey Pagoda

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