Travel from Phnom Penh to Battambang

By train the journey from Phnom Penh to Battambang is scheduled to take 6 hours 20 minutes. By bus or minivan the journey from Phnom Penh to Battambang is scheduled to take from 5 hours to 8 hours 30 minutes depending upon which service you take.

Train Times from Phnom Penh to Battambang

  • Please Note: A new timetable is now in operation.
Phnom PenhBattambangDays in Service

Bus Times from Phnom Penh to Battambang

There are currently 20 bus and minivan services a day from Phnom Penh to Battambang available to book online.

Phnom PenhBattambangServiceCostCompany
07:0012:30VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
07:0513:25VIP$ 11Saly Express
07:3013:00VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
07:3015:00VIP$ 14Virak Buntham Express
08:0013:30VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
08:3014:00VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
08:3015:30VIP$ 14Virak Buntham Express
09:0014:30VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
10:3017:30VIP$ 14Virak Buntham Express
12:1018:05VIP$ 11Saly Express
12:1517:45VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
13:3019:00VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
14:0019:30VIP Minibus$ 13Cambotra Express
14:0019:55VIP$ 11Saly Express
14:3021:30VIP$ 14Virak Buntham Express
15:3022:30Van$ 14Virak Buntham Express
17:3023:30VIP$ 14Virak Buntham Express
20:0003:00Hotel Bus$ 12Virak Buntham Express
21:0002:00Sleeper$ 13Cambotra Express
21:0005:30Hotel Bus$ 12Virak Buntham Express

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Virak Buntham Phnom Penh

  • Virak Buntham services from Phnom Penh to Battambang depart from the corner of Street 199 and Street 310 in Phnom Penh near to the Olympic Market.

Google Map of Virak Buntham Olympic Office

Virak Buntham Battambang

  • Virak Buntham services from Phnom Penh to Battambang terminate in Battambang on Street 106.

Google Map of Virak Buntham Battambang Office

About Battambang

Battambang is Cambodia’s third largest city by population. Established in the 1700s Battambang has developed over time, particularly under French Colonial rule with 2 bridges being constructed over the Sangker River joining settlements on either side of the river.

Wat Sanker in Battambang
Wat Sanker in Battambang

Battambang’s most famous urban feature is the large number of statues on the streets ranging from Mythical creatures to former Kings. The other notable features of the urban landscape of Battambang are the Colonial era buildings dotted around the city. This is a city where Khmer architecture mixes with modern Cambodian building styles, alongside distinctive French, Italian and Chinese designs. Amongst the more popular things to see and do in Battambang, and the surrounding area, are:

  • Ride a Bamboo Train: Homemade bamboo platform on train wheels powered by a small engine. You can ride on these locally made vehicles for $5 per person, until such time as real trains start running on the railway tracks.
  • Visit to Wat Samraong Knong: A very old temple in a forest once used as a Khmer Rouge prison. Located on the Eastern side of the river.
  • Walk around the grounds of the Governor’s Residence: Former residence of the last Thai Governor of the city.
  • Marvel at Colonial Buildings on Street 1: Chinese, French and Italian architecture including the Central Market and the Train Station.
  • Explore Battambang Museum: City centre museum displaying Angkhor period art collected from across the Battambang region.

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