Tour boat in Angkor Archaeological Park
Siem Reap Activities

Angkor Gondola Boat, Siem Reap

In addition to travelling around the Angkor Archaeological Park on a bicycle, in a tuk-tuk, in a taxi or viewing the park from a fixed line hot air balloon, you can also take a boat [Read more…]

Boat passing through the Green Cathedral in Kampot
Kampot Activities

Green Cathedral, Kampot

The Green Cathedral, also known as the Green Loop, is a 3 km stretch of inland waterway which is an offshoot of the Tuek Chhu River located not far from the town of Kampot. About [Read more…]

Angkor Balloon near Siem Reap
Siem Reap Activities

Angkor Balloon, Siem Reap

Angkor Balloon is a tethered hot air balloon that takes passengers up to a height of 120 metres above ground level for views across the Angkor Archaeological Park. Cost: Sunset & Sunrise: $25 USD for [Read more…]

River boat in Cambodia
Siem Reap Activities

Tonle Sap Boat Tours

Located only 15 km to the south of Siem Reap, a boat tour on Tonle Sap lake and some of the small rivers feeding into it, is a popular excursion and a chance to get [Read more…]