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By bus the journey from Battambang to Bangkok is scheduled to take from 6 hours 30 minutes to 7 hours 30 minutes depending upon which service you take.

Bus Times from Battambang to Bangkok

There are currently 4 services a day from Battambang to Bangkok available to book online.

07:3015:00$ 37Travel Mart
07:3014:00$ 34Virak Buntham Express
12:3020:00$ 35Virak Buntham Express
13:0019:30$ 35Virak Buntham Express

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Battambang Bus Stop

  • Virak Buntham Express bus services from Battambang to Bangkok depart from the Virak Buntham Express Office, St. 106 Corner Street 101, Krong Battambang, Cambodia.

Google Map of Virak Buntham Express Office in Battambang

Bangkok Bus Stop

  • Virak Buntham Express services from Battambang to Bangkok terminate at 15 Phetchaburi 9 Alley, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400.

Google Map of Virak Buntham Bangkok Bus Stop

About Travel to Bangkok

Bangkok is a large and exciting city. Bangkok covers 1,568.7 square kilometres and estimates of the the total population range from 6 to 14 million. The difficulty in estimating how many people live in Bangkok is that many of the city’s inhabitants are transient workers without a permanent home, or they live in slums which are largely unregulated by the authorities.

Where to stay in Bangkok

For first time visitors to Bangkok, it can be difficult to decide which part of the city to stay. There are lots of places to choose from, however, most foreign visitors choose to stay in one of 4 parts of the city.

Dining on the street in Bangkok
Dining on the street in Bangkok
Talat Yot

Talat Yot is an area of Bangkok located riverside just to the North of the main royal palaces in Bangkok. The best known part of Talat Yot is the Khao San Road which has traditionally been the destination of choice for younger travellers on a small budget. The area around the Khao San Road has become more expensive over the last 2 decades, but it still offers lots of value for money accommodation and cheap food stalls.

The other advantage of staying in Talat Yot is that you can easily walk to many of the interesting historical sites in Bangkok, which is helpful as public transport options in Talat Yot are very poor and local taxi and tuk tuk drivers take advantage of this to overcharge tourists. Meter taxis in and around the Khao San Road almost never use their meter.

China Town

Bangkok’s China Town is also located on the Chao Phraya River, but to the South of the historic Rattankosin Island. There is a massive amount to see and do in China Town, including visiting Bangkok’s former main station, Hua Lamphong. China Town is also connected to Bangkok’s modern rapid transport network and that makes visiting other parts of the city very easy. By day visitors can explore the area’s old temple and famous Sampeng Lane Market. At night, shopping and eating at street level on the Yaowarat Road is a memorable experience.

The downside of staying in this part of the city is that the hotel rooms are generally very small. Space is at a premium in propserous China Town, and you tend not to get much money for your money when it comes to hotels.


The area on and around the Silom Road is very popular with tourists because it offers great value for money, and some of the best restaurants in the city, along with some of the best known roof top bars. The restaurants in the area of particular note. Silom is Bangkok’s financial district, and a significant proportion of the people who work and live there have sufficient disposable income to keep a wide range of expensive restaurants in business. Hotels in the area, however, tend to be much better value for money, and the transport links in the area are very good.

The most famous attraction in the Silom area is Patpong Night Market. Patpong Night Market start from around 6 pm every evening with most of the vendors packing up around 10 pm. Patpong Night Market is famous for being somewhere to go to buy fake watches, football shirts and designer goods. The other curious feature of Patpong Night Market is the stalls sit in the middle of two streets which are lined with go-go bars, some offerring the notorious ‘ping-pong’ shows.


The lower part of the Sukhumvit Road, which stretches all the way from Bangkok to Cambodia via Pattaya, is probably the most popular part of Bangkok with foreign tourists after the Khao San Road area. There aren’t any tourist attractions in the Sukhumvit area, but there is a fantastic range of bars, restaurants and night clubs that make it an ideal place to stay.

The downsides of staying in the Sukhumvit area are that’s relatively expensive, and the area is notorious as a centre for prostitution and this attracts some of the less savoury of Thailand’s foreign visitors. The go-go bars and hostess bars can be easily avoided, but the area has slightly seedy feel to it as a consequence of their existence.

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