Travel from Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh

By bus the journey from Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh is scheduled to take 3 hours 00 minutes.

Bus Times from Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh

There are currently 6 services a day from Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh available to book online.

Kampong ThomPhnom PenhCostCompany
10:0013:00$ 13Cambolink 21 Express
10:3013:30$ 13Cambolink 21 Express
11:4514:45$ 13Cambolink 21 Express
16:3019:30$ 13Cambolink 21 Express
18:0021:00$ 13Cambolink 21 Express
19:0022:00$ 13Cambolink 21 Express

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Kampong Thom Bus Stop

  • Cambolink 21 Express services from Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh depart from a bus stop near the Damrey Chann Khla statue.

Google Map of Cambolink 21 Express Kampong Thom bus stop

Phnom Penh Bus Stop

  • Cambolink 21 Express services from Kampong Thom to Phnom Penh terminate at the Cambolink 21 Express office, Jawaharlal Nehru Blvd (215), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Google Map of Cambolink21 Express Co., Ltd (Phnom Penh)

About Travel to Phnom Penh

With over 1.5 million permanent residents, Phnom Penh is by far the largest city in Cambodia. Phnom Penh is also by far the most modern city in Cambodia having benefitted from a disproportionate share of investment in the country’s infrastructure. Phnom Penh also has notoriously congested roads which, for the larger part, make attempting to walk around the city difficult with pavements often used as parking lots or retail space for vendors. An exception to this is the excellent Sisowath Quay, which is a 3.7 km riverside pedestrainised walkway running from the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge in the north of the city to the Samdech Chuon Nath Statue in the south. We recommend that visitors to Phnom Penh follow Sisowath Quay as you it allow you reach nearly all the city’s main tourist attraction on foot.

The Royal Palace is the top tourist attraction in Phnom Penh
The Royal Palace is the top tourist attraction in Phnom Penh

The two top tourist attractions in Phnom Penh are the Royal Palace and Wat Phnom. Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace is still the residence of Cambodia’s Royal Family and only 2 of the 4 parts of the palace are open to visitors. Fortunately, the parts of the palace that open to visitors contain the most iconic of the palace’s many buildings, such as the Throne Hall and the Silver Pagoda. We recommend allowing 2 to 3 hours to visit the Royal Palace as there is quite a lot to see there, including a small but interesting museum near the exit to the palace.

Wat Phnom is a lot smaller the Royal Palace, but it’s also a lot older. Wat Phnom is believed to have been founded in 1372, whereas contruction of the Royal Palace only began in 1870s. According to legend, Wat Phnom was established by an elderly local lady, known as Grandmother Penh, who is widely credited as being the founder of the city. The distinctive feature of Wat Phnom is that the main temple buildings are located at the top of a man made hill. The area where Phnom Penh is located is prone to flooding and the small man made, which has been enlaged over the centuries, was created to keep the temple and its important images of the Lord Buddha save from the flood water. Wat Phnom in modern times is an electic collection of shrines to Buddhist and Chinese folk religion deities and well worth spending 1 to 2 hours exploring. The park at the base of the hill is also very pleasant.

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