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By bus the journey from Kampot to Battambang is scheduled to take from 9 to 10 hours depending upon which service you take.

Bus Times from Kampot to Battambang

There are currently 2 services a day from Kampot to Battambang available to book online.

08:1517:00$ 24Vibol Express
17:0002:30$ 24Vibol Express

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Kampot Bus Stop

Vibol Express services from Kampot to Battambang depart from near the Fair Plus Supermarket in Kampot Town.

Google Map of Fair Plus Supermarket in Kampot Town

Battambang Bus Stop

Vibol Express services from Kampot to Battambang terminate near the Cambolink 21 Express bus station in Battambang.

Google Map of Cambolink 21 Express bus station in Battambang

About Travel to Battambang

With a population of around 120,000 Battambang is relatively large city. Battambang is also one of Cambodia’s more developed cities. It was greatly enlarged during the period of French colonial rule and then modernised during the period between the end of colonial rule and the time when the Khmer Rouge came to power.

French Influence on Battambang

Battambang became part of France’s Indochina Empire in 1907, having previously been under the control of neighbouring Thailand. Battambang’s new French rulers transformed the city into something approximating to a French provincial town both in terms of layout and architecture.

Central Market

The focal point of Battambang is its Central Market, referred to locally as Pasar Nat. Around the edge of the square within which the market is located there are lots of European style terraced townhouses. In the surrounding streets, particularly to the west and south of the market, there are lots more of these European style buildings.

Hotels and Restaurants

The best hotels and restaurants are located close to the Central Market. The city has a large number of French people who have made the city their home, and European style food is widely available. Hotels in Battambang also generally cater very well to foreign visitors.

Governor’s Residence

The most striking European style building in Battambang is the former Governor’s Residence. This grand building was constructed for the last Thai governor of Battambang in 1905 and then sold to the French colonial government when they took over.

The Governor’s Residence has been converted into a local history museum. The exhibits in the museum, however, are less interesting than the building itself and its furnishings. It’s open daily and admission is free.

Ordination Hall at Wat Sanker in Battambang
Ordination Hall at Wat Sanker in Battambang
Temples in the City

There are three fairly interesting Buddhist temples in Battambang City: Wat Kandal, Damrey Sor Pagoda and Wat Sanker. With the exception of the Angkor era pagoda at Wat Sanker, none of these three temples are particularly old or large. They are, however, interesting in terms of their cultural significance. Battambang has its own legends and folk tales and these are presented in wall mural at several of the temples.

Attractions close to Battambang

The two major local tourist attractions in the area are both located outside the city: Phnom Sampeau (15 km) and Wat Ek Phnom (9 km).

Phnom Sampeau

Phnom Sampeau is a hill with a temple at the top and three large caves. The temple is modern and ornately decorated with wall murals. The views from the top of the hill are also good.

The three caves, however, are of more interest to most visitors. These caves were used by the Khmer Rouge to execute local people. The least accessible of the three caves is home to huge numbers of bats which fly out of the caves in vast swarms at sunset in search of insects.

Wat Ek Phnom

Wat Ek Phnom is a vast and dilapidated Angkor era Hindu temple completed in the 11th Century. Wat Ek Phnom has not been preserved as well as the temples in Angkor Archaeological Park and receives far fewer visitors.

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