Travel times from Preah Vihear to Don Det

By minivan it takes 5 hours 30 minutes to travel from Preah Vihear City to Don Det. Don Det is near the Cambodia/Laos border and it makes sense to take a direct service to Don Det from Preah Vihear City rather than travel there via Pakse.

Bus Times from Preah Vihear City to Don Det

There is 1 daily direct service from Preah Vihear City to Don Det which you can book online.

Preah VihearDon DetCostServiceCompany
11:1516:45$ 20.00MinivanAsia Van Transfer

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Before you travel either apply for a Laos visa online or confirm that you are eligible for a visa on arrival.

Preah Vihear ATV Bus Stop

  • The ATV bus stop in Preah Vihear City is located at Street A 10, Krong Preah Vihear.

Google Map of ATV bus stop in Preah Vihear City

Don Det AVT bus stop

  • The final stop for AVT services from Preah Vihear City is the main town in Don Det.

Google Map of Don Det ATV bus stop

4,000 Islands Region in Laos

Don Det is the third largest Mekong River island in the Si Phan Don, or Four Thousand Islands, region of Laos.

Other Large Islands

The other big islands where visitors can stay are the neighbouring island of Don Khone, connected to Don Det by a bridge, and Don Khong which is a ferry and bus journey to the north of Don Det. As the name suggests, the Si Phan Don region has lots of islands to explore, most of which are uninhabited and many flooded during the rainy season.

Riverside in Don Det, Laos
Riverside in Don Det, Laos
Few Facilities for Visitors

The Si Phan Don Region is very rural with limited facilities for visitors and few large buildings. There are a number of waterfalls, temples and other points of interest to visit but the main activities to do in the area are river based.

Boat Tours

There are lots of river tours you can take allowing you to visit more of the smaller islands and get a sense of the size of the the river delta area where the islands are located. You also be lucky enough to see one of the 20 or so river dolphins that live in the area.

Hiking, Biking and Kayaking

Hiking, biking and kayaking are also recommended activities. To really enjoy the area we recommend that you strike out on your own and enjoy the peace and beauty of the area away from other tourists.

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