Bus times – Siem Reap to Bangkok

At the present time there are two ways to travel direct from Siem Reap to Bangkok: you can fly, or you can take a bus. Flying costs around four times as much as travelling by bus. By bus it takes 8 to 9 hours, and if you are on a budget then that extra travelling time will save you a lot of money. Direct train services from Poipet to Bangkok should commence early 2019, although the stretch of railway track from Siem Reap to Poipet (allowing direct trains from Bangkok to Siem Reap) is still in the planning stages.

Travel Times To Bangkok

There are 3 direct bus a day services from Siem Reap to Bangkok which you can book online.

Siem ReapBangkokTicketCompany
07:4516:15$ 35.00Giant Ibis
08:0017:00$ 28.00Nattakan
09:0018:00$ 28.00Nattakan
  • Nattakan: VIP bus with on-board toilet, fee snacks and TV.
  • Giant Ibis: Luxury bus with reclining seats, Free WiFi, but no on-board toilet.

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An alternative option to taking a bus all the way from Siem Reap to Bangkok is to travel by road from Siem Reap to Poipet, then cross the border into Thailand and onto the nearby town of Aranyaprathet where you can take either a train or another bus to Bangkok.

Nattakan Siem Reap Bus Stop

  • Nattakan services from Siem Reap to Bangkok depart from the Nattakan Bus Station in Siem Reap.

Giant Ibis Siem Reap Bus Stop

  • Giant Ibis services from Siem Reap to Bangkok depart from The Giant Ibis Terminal at Khmer Pub St, Siem Reap.

Nattakan Bangkok bus stop

  • Nattakan services from Siem Reap to Bangkok terminate at the Northern Bus Terminal.

Giant Ibis Bangkok bus stop

  • Giant Ibis services from Siem Reap to Bangkok terminate on the Tanao Road, which is near to the Khao San Road.

About Bangkok

Bangkok is a large vibrant city, which can sometimes initially feel a little overwhelming to the first time visitor; indeed for some visitors a day or two in the city has put them off ever going back for a second visit. Bangkok, however, is somewhere that you can decide what kind of an experience you want by making choices about where you stay, where you visit and what forms of transport you use. Bangkok remains great value for money and on a typical budget for a European family on a two week holiday you will be able to treat yourself to private cars and tours, combined with good standard hotels and affordable dining options. For people on smaller budgets, however, you need to brave public transport, some crowded places and buy things form people who speak no English, because that is all you can afford.

Gold Buddha statues at Wat Arun
Gold Buddha statues at Wat Arun

You choice of where to stay in Bangkok is going to be largely determined by your budget. The most expensive hotels are mostly located on riverside locations. For real luxury try the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. For visitors on a medium sized budget then head to the area around the lower Sukhumvit Road (Soi 1 to 21 and Soi 2 to 14) and near to the Silom Road. For travellers on a very small budget, or a large budget and a very long holiday, might try the area around the Khao San Road as you can get some very cheap, but basic, rooms in this area and some very cheap, but basic, roadside food. In terms of transport the easiest, but not necessarily quickest, way to get around by Bangkok is by taxi. If the taxi driver agrees to go on the meter then Bangkok taxis are very cheap – less than £10 or $15 all the way to the international airport, including toll fees. Bangkok also has an inexpensive and modern metro system, and a suburban elevated light railway network (the ‘skytrain’) which are both easy to use when you get the hang of how to buy a ticket – there’s a ticket machine with instructions in English and a ticket counter at all stations so its not complicated. These two urban transport services cover most of the city, except for the area around the Khao San Road. From the Khao Road your public transport are options are local buses or the Chao Phraya Express Boat service. From the Phra Athtit Pier, near to the Khao San Road, it will cost you less than 20 THB per person to travel to a pier within walking distance of Bangkok Train Station or to connect with the skytrain at Saphan Taksin BTS station. Travelling in Bangkok is easy when you get used to it.

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