Travel from Siem Reap to Don Det

There are two ways to travel from Siem Reap to Don Det in Laos. You can travel by big bus to Kampong Cham where you then change to another bus to take you to Stung Treng and then catch a minivan over the border to Don Det. Alternatively, you can take a direct minivan service all the way from Siem Reap to Don Det. If you travel direct the journey takes 8 hours 15 minutes, including the time it takes to cross the border. If you travel indirect then the journey will take over 12 hours and more than likely you will end up needing to stay overnight in Stung Treng before heading onto Don Det the following morning.

Bus Times from Siem Reap to Don Det

There is 1 daily direct minivan service from Siem Reap to Don Det which you can book online.

Siem ReapDon DetCostServiceCompany
08:0016:15$ 42RegionalAsia Van Transfer
  • Regional: This service is a 14 seat air-conditioned minivan.

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Depending upon your nationality you may be able to get a visa at the border, however, we recommend getting a visa before you cross the border as travellers are frequently overcharged for the visa at the border.

Siem Reap ATV Bus Stop

  • The ATV bus stop in Siem Reap is located at the AVT office, Hup Quang Street Central Market 579, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Google Map of Siem Reap ATV office

Don Det AVT Bus Stop

  • The last stop for minivan services from Siem Reap is at the north end of Don Det Island.

Google Map of Don Det ATV bus stop

About Don Det

Don Det is the most popular of the islands in Si Phan Don, which is the 4,000 islands region in southern Laos.

Don Det is Popular

Don Det is considerably cheaper than neighbouring Don Khone island and has a livelier atmosphere. Don Det has become a popular place to visit since a decline in visitors number to Vang Vieng, which had very lively nightlife until the Laotian authorities decided to shut down most of the bars from 2012 onward. Many travellers who would have gone to Vang Vieng now go to Don Det instead.

Relaxing views of the Mekong River at Don Det
Relaxing views of the Mekong River at Don Det
Relaxed Atmosphere

The reason for Don Det’s popularity is partly because of the scenery, partly because its very cheap to stay there, and partly because of the relaxed friendly atmosphere. The Si Phan Don region is beautiful. There are lots of islands to visit, some impressive waterfalls, and some wildlife to see, including the rare Irawaddy dolphin. You can swim in the Mekong river, kayak, and float along slowly in a giant inflatable tube. Don Det has lots of bars and restaurants and, in season, lots of other foreign visitors to spend time with.

Don Det Appeals to Younger Visitors

Don Det tends to appeal most to backpackers aged from 20 to 30. Most of the accommodation is in wooden bungalows located on the river bank. The island is also known as a place where they sell ‘special shakes’ and ‘happy pizzas’, which may appeal to some travellers. Depending on your perspective, and your age, you may or may not enjoy Don Det. If it doesn’t sound like your type of place then considering staying on nearby Don Khone which has better and more expensive accommodation and attracts a different type of visitor.

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