Travel from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri

By bus the journey from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri is scheduled to take 13 hours and travels a distance of 515 km taking passengers across nearly the entire length of Cambodia.

Bus Times from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri

There are currently 2 services a day from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri available to book online.

Siem ReapMondulkiriCostServiceCompany
07:3019:00$ 25BusVirak Buntham Express
07:4516:45$ 22MinivanRithya Mondulkiri Express

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Siem Reap Bus Stop

  • Virak Buntham Express services to Mondulkiri depart from 249 next to Nakpeoun Old Market roundabout, St. Sevot Tha, Svay District, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Mondulkiri Bus Stop

  • Virak Buntham Express services from Siem Reap arrive in Mondulkiri at St. 76A, Phum Spean Mean Chey, O-Spean Commune, Krong Saen Monourom, Cambodia.

About Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri, located on the border with Vietnam, is the largest and most sparsely populated province in Cambodia. It is also one of the most mountainous areas of Cambodia at 190 to 1,000 metres above sea level. The vast majority of the people who live in Mondulkiri Province are members of various hill tribes, with people from the Khmer ethnic group making up a small minority of the province’s population.

The largest town in Mondulkiri is Senmonorom, with a permanent population of just over 7,000 people. Everyone else in the province lives in very small towns and villages and most are involved in farming rice, fruit, coffee, vegetables and nuts. Mondulkiri is not a wealthy province and the infrastructure is poorly developed.

Countryside in Mondulkiri Province
Countryside in Mondulkiri Province

The main attraction for visitors to Mondulkiri is the beautiful landscape, wildlife and villages of the hill tribe groups who live in the area. Most tourists who come to Mondulkiri do so to visit the Phnom Prich Sanctuary, which is a nature reserve covering over 2,200 square kilometres and established in 1993. The Phnom Prich Sanctuary is home to a wide range of animals and birds including tigers, jungle cats, deer and giant ibises. Another major attraction in Mondulkiri Province is its waterfalls, many of which are fairly near to Senmonorom town and can easily be reached from there as a half day trip.

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