Travel from Stung Treng to Banlung

By bus the journey from Stung Treng to Banlung in Ratanakiri Province is scheduled to take around 3 hours 30 minutes depending upon which service you take and any delay on route.

Bus Times from Stung Treng to Banlung

There is currently 1 direct bus service a day from Stung Treng to Banlung available to book online.

Stung TrengBanlungCostServiceCompany
12:3016:00$ 8BusVirak Buntham Express

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Stung Treng Bus Stop

Virak Buntham Express services from Stung Treng to Banlung depart from the Virak Buntham Stung Treng Office.

Google Map of Virak Buntham Stung Treng Office

Banlung Bus Stop

Virak Buntham Express services from Stung Treng to Banlung terminate at the Banlung Virak Buntham Express Office.

Google Map of Vikram Buntham Banlung Bus Stop

About Travel to Banlung

Banlung is a small remote provincial capital in the far North East of Cambodia. Banlung has around 30,000 permanent residents and a small range of hotels, restaurants and bars catering to foreign visitors.

Banlung is in a Remote Area

Banlung is far more of an ‘off the beaten track’ destination than Kampot or Kampong Cham. The town of Banlung itself, however, is not the main reason most foreign visitors choose to come visit this area.

The surrounding countryside is very beautiful and sparsely populated. Outside of Banlung there are lots of small villages inhabited by ethnic minorities. Many people in this part of Cambodia still live in small wooden houses and follow traditional cultural and religious practices.

Yeak Laom Lake near Banlung
Yeak Laom Lake near Banlung
Places to Visit bear Banlung

To get the most out of a visit to Banlung you need your own transport or to go on an organised tour. By bicycle or motorbike you can visit three impressive waterfalls near Banlung (Cha Ong, Kan Chang and Ka Tieng) and a large circular lake about 5 km from Banlung called Yaek Laom Lake. Yaek Laom Lake has a fantastic forest setting and you can swim in the lake. Around the edge of the lake are piers where you can rent boats. There are also some small villages around the lake.

Virachey National Park

To visit nearby Virachey National Park, which covers an area of 3,000 square kilometres, you need to hire a guide from the Virachey National Park Office in the centre of Banlung. Private companies also offer trekking in areas similar to, but outside of, the Virachey National Park. These tours are often cheaper than the tours available through the Virachey National Park Office.

Hiring a guide, or going on an organised tour, is also advisable if want to visit some of the more remote villages. Residents of some villages may take offence at visitors who come to their village when important ceremonies are taking place, or unknowingly fail to observe local customs.

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