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By train the journey from Takeo to Kampot is scheduled to take 2 hours 00 minutes.

Train Times from Takeo to Kampot

  • There is currently 1 train per day from Takeo to Kampot.

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Location of Takeo Train Station

Google Map of Takeo Railway Station

Location of Kampot Train Station

Google Map of Kampot Railway Station

About Travel to Kampot

The sleepy town of Kampot is becoming an increasingly popular destination for foreign visitors. The town has lots of hotels, restaurants and bars catering for forieng visitors as well as a noticeable ex-pat community living in the town. Kampot is a charming town on wide river, only 5 km from the sea, which is a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside. The focal point of the town is the wide Preaek Tuek Chhu River which is frequently used for swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. Many visitors to Kampot choose not to stay in the town itself but about 5 km north along the riverbank. This part of the river has lot of small tributaries to explore in a kayak on a paddle board, the most famous of which is a 3 km loop of waterways with overhanging tree branches known as the Green Cathedral.

The Durian Roundabout in Kampot
The Durian Roundabout in Kampot

To get the most out of a visit to Kampot it’s worth hiring a vehicle or taxi for day trips. The town itself is of less interest than what you can visit in the surrounding area. Amongst the places to visit are nearby Rabbit Island, local pepper farms (Kampot is famous for its pepper) and the cave shrines at Phnom Chhnork Temple, which date back to the 1st Millenium. Also interesting is Bokor Hill Station, located 37 km by road from Kampot. Bokor Hill Station is a former French colonial era hill station with an abandoned church and hotel located within the hilly Bokor National Park.

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