Cambodia Railway Services running normal despite Covid-19

06 June 2020: Passenger services on Cambodia’s railway network are currently operating normally. Official figures for Covid-19 infections in Cambodia to date are very low, 125 cases and no deaths, and public transport services are relatively unaffected having been permitted to resume after brief stoppages. If you able to get into Cambodia you can take the popular train service from Phnom Penh to Shanoukville, via Takeo, Kep and Kampot. Getting into Cambodia from another country at the moment is, however, a lot more difficult. Strict entry requirements are place for foreign nationals who want to enter into Cambodia.

Current entry requirements for Cambodia

For the moment foreign nationals who want to enter into Cambodia via land, air or sea must:

  • Have a medical certificate issued with 72 hours of arrival confirmed that they are are free of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Deposit $3,000 with the Cambodian authorities to cover any medical expenses.
  • Proof of medical insurance up to a value of $50,000 USD including coverage for medical treatment of symptoms relating to the Covid-19 virus.
  • Go from the airport or land border to a holding centre for a PCR swap test for the Covid-19 virus, the results of which can take up to 24 hours:
    • If the test comes back negative the person must go to a private home or a hotel for 14 days to self-isolate before being allowed to move freely around the country.
    • If the test comes back positive for the Covid-19 virus the person must go a government quarantine centre for 14 days, where they will be tested for the virus on the 13th day and then allowed to leave on the 14th day if that test comes back negative.
    • If a person on a flight into Cambodia tests positive then all other passengers on that flight are required to go into quarantine even if they test negative
Cambodia Train Service
Cambodia Train Service

These entry requirements make it very difficult for foreign nationals to travel into Cambodia and whilst they are place there will be very few tourists coming to Cambodia, which is shame as major attractions such as Angkor Wat and of course Cambodia’s railway services are all open for business.

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